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Multi User Installer / MSI-Package

It would be awesome if the Installer would install the RushFiles-Client for all Users on a PC rather than for only one. Also a MSI-Package for Deployments by using Group Policies would be great for some larger customers of us.

Thank you very much!

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maybe our request goes the same way:

We would be very happy if there would be a simple install (and deinstall) routine for terminalserver/citrix environments. So far the process is long winded and doesn't work proper from time to time. 

An MSI package is surely needed, creating your own msi package of the Rushfiles client is a pain 

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I'm also would like have option login with multi user.

I'm starting looking up this service and would like use it for 2 local sport club and and private.

HI Jonas

There's a FAQ which explains the feature you need. 

Take a look, Click Here


Brian Abild