You can manage your users and user groups in the menus User, and Group, respectively.

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Manage Users

    ↳ Edit User

Manage Groups

    ↳ Edit Groups 

Manage Users

Here, you can manage every user in your company. You can see their Name, Email, and User type in this list.

 Create a new user by clicking on New user.

 Set the first and last name, and email of the user, along with the user type.

An email is automatically sent to this email address with a link to set a password.

After you create a user, you will be taken to its Edit user menu.

Click on a user to access its Edit user menu.

Edit User

 Allow or disallow the user to create shares by turning Allow users to create shares on or off.

Change the type of the user.

Request a new password reset email for the user by clicking Resend invitation/password mail.

Delete the user by clicking Delete.

Add the user to Shares by clicking on the Add to Shares button.

Remove the user from Shares by clicking on the user's current rights (Owner/Write/Read) and choosing Remove.

Change the user's rights to Shares with the previous method, but choosing any of (Owner/Write/Read) instead of Remove.

Add the user to Groups by clicking on the Add to Groups button.

Remove the user from Groups by clicking on the Remove From Groups button.

Temporarily disable 2FA for this user. This option only works with users that are primary on your company account. If the enforce two-factor authentication option is enabled on your account, the user will be forced to setup a 2FA method again at next login (instead of disabling it temporarily).

Manage Groups

Here, you can see and manage every user group in your company.

✔ Click on the Create New Group button to create a new user group.

After a group is created, you will be taken to its Edit group menu automatically.

Click on a group to access the Edit group menu, where you can add/remove users/shares from the group.

Edit Groups

 Add users to the group by typing in the User's name or email address.

Remove a user from the group by clicking the Remove From Group button next to the user.

Add this group to shares by clicking the ellipsis icon of and choose from the list of Shares.

 Remove this group from shares by clicking on Editor or Viewer role next to the Share name, and choosing Remove, then click Save.

 Changes this group's rights to a share by clicking on Editor or Viewer role next to the Share name, and choosing the rights you want to assign to it.

Change the name of the group by clicking on the Edit group button.

 Delete the group by clicking on Delete

Groups can only have Read or Write rights to a share. 


If both your individual user, and a group that your user is part of are added to the same Share, you will always have the same rights to the share as your group, unless you are an owner of the share. Then you will retain your owner rights.

If you have any questions or concerns about this feature, please do not hesitate to reach out via our helpdesk support.

RushFiles Team