How to start RushFiles after restoring your server from a backup:

(If you have multiple servers, step 2-5 is only for the server hosting your domain master.)

1. Ensure that all the services are running as they were on your server before the restoration:

    a. RfKeepAlive

    b. RfCleanupService

    c. MongoDb (only on the server hosting the domain master)

2. Stop the MongoDb

3. Locate the folder where your database was installed.

(It should be <drive>:\RushFiles\Mongodatabase\data\ on the drive that you selected during installation).

4. Delete the content of this folder and take the latest zip backup from the backups of the database and extract them to the folder.

5. Start the MongoDb again.

6. Restart the IIS.

(If you have more than one server: restart the IIS on the server hosting the domain master first, and on the other ones afterwards.)

7. Your system should be up and running again after the servers have registered themselves, this should not take more than 5 minutes at most.

The zip backup’s location is selected on installation, but they should be located at <drive>:\Rushfiles\Mongodatabase\