The Reseller Administration web interface can be accessed by administrator users of a company that resells RushFiles (a Reseller).

This is the interface you will be using to manage your companies and sub resellers. The URL to this site is typically . If you cannot log in to the reseller site, it is probably because you lack permissions. Contact your reseller administrator to add your user as a reseller administrator.

In case you've forgotten your password, you can reset it from the login page. Other reseller administrators can also send you a password reset mail.

Note: After editing anything in reseller administration, you will need to apply these changes by clicking on the newly-appeared Save button at the top of your current page. If you want to cancel the edits, navigate to a different page.

In the following articles, we will look at what options you have available in each menu.

Click on any of the following to navigate to that article:

✔    My Account

✔    History & Capacity

✔    URLs

✔    Skinning

✔    Mail config

✔    Billing

✔    Resellers

✔    Admins

✔    AD config

✔    Companies

✔    Mail templates

✔    Mail log