NOTE: Rebranding only possible for RushFiles' partners with prior agreement and acceptance for payment.


Please follow the guide step by step to be sure, you have all needed information and graphics for your rebranding and can deliver all material for this application together in one package.

Get Started

You can style the following elements:

  • App icon
  • App name
  • Splash screen
  • Login logo
  • Colors

Please read how to create and submit your graphics to RushFiles for implementation.


In addition to the App creation we also need a lot of information and text from you.


Please use this checklist to control that you have collected all material, before sending the zip file with all necessary material.

  • CreatingAppInfo.txt - Information on Google Play contact
  • License key Google play store account (.txt)
  • Confirmation for creating and setting up access to Google Play 
  • AppIcon.png: 1024 x 1024
  • SplashScreen.png: 680 x 680 (Transparent background)
  • LoginIcon.png: 660 x 124 (Transparent background)
  • ColorValues.txt
  • AppNames.txt – 7-11 characters – 3 in prioritized order
  • Texts for Google play, one document for each language
  • Graphics and short description for Google play Store

    High-res icon 512 x 512 32-bit PNG (with alpha) (GPhighres.png)


    Feature Graphic 1024 x 500 jpeg (or 24-bit PNG – no alpha)(GPfeature.jpg/png)


    Short text description only 80 characters (GPshortdescription.txt) 

  • SupportedLanguage.txt

Google Play Account

There are two major steps involved in publishing your app to Google Play

  1. Create Google Play account
  2. Link the RushFiles account with yours as a Release Manager

1. Create Google Play account

Before you start creating your Google developer account, you need a Google mail, to be used for this only.

Then you are ready to create your account:

2. Link the RushFiles account with yours as a Release Manager

When the account has been setup, you will go through the process of setting up access for RushFiles to publish to your account.

Then you will select invite new user, where you should invite

Role: release manager

With the following rights (resulting page):


Now it will be possible for us to publish Android apps to Google Play on your behalf.

Together with the graphics you send us confirmation for creating and setting up the access.

Graphical elements for branding

App icon


Create a 1024x1024 PNG.

The App icon will automatically be converted to various formats, so they will fit a multitude of devices.
Save the icon as AppIcon.png



Splash screen


The logo for the splash screen has to be 680x680 PNG with transparent background

Save the file as SplashScreen.png

Login icon

The logo for the login screen has to be a 660 x 124 PNG. 

Call the file LoginIcon.png 

Color Values

Main Brand Color:

  • Splash screen background 
  • Login screen background 
  • Pin code screen background 
  • Settings screen background  
  • Dialog (currently only "change user" dialog) background 
  • Download progress bar color 

- Cannot be white and gradient is not supported.

The color need to be a contrast to your logo and white, as input fields and icon in upper right remain white.

 Secondary Brand Color:

  • Folder Browser screen background 
  • Folder chooser screen (Share files from external applications) background 
  • Download progress screen background 
  • Files preview background 

Top toolbar color

  • Only bright colors 

Bottom toolbar color 

  • Only bright colors

List icon background:

  • Folder/File/Share icon background color in Folder Browser screen  
  • Folder icon background color in Folder chooser screen (Share files from external applications)

Main text color:

  • Color of the button’s text that is on the Main brand color background (Default is white) 

Secondary text color:

  • Color of the button’s text that is on background other than the Main brand color. 

Use this example for the file:

<!-- brandable color -->
<color name="branded_main">#cb532c</color>
color name="branded_secondary">#f6f6f6</color>

color name="branded_bg_top_toolbar">#ffffff</color>
color name="branded_bg_bottom_toolbar">#f6f6f6</color>

color name="branded_bg_list_icon">#cb532c</color>

color name="branded_btn_text_main">#ffffff</color>
color name="branded_btn_text_secondary">#cb532c</color>


Define it with your own colors and save it as 

  • ColorValues.txt

You can here find examples you can use as masters to create the graphical material ready

Text, description and naming for Google Play


App name

You can define this; please have in mind that there are only 7-11 characters available depending on the type
of letters and capital letters.

The name has to be unique, please check out the Google Play before naming the app and send us 3 names for

the app in prioritized order.


Deliver the names in a text file called AppNames.txt


Text material

To publish the apps you will need to produce text for the Google Play Store, which promotes your app.

We also suggest that you choose the productivity and business categories when submitting your application.

You have to deliver the text in all the languages you want your App to support.

Deliver each text in separated files, e.g. GermanGoogleplay.txt, EnglishGoogleplay.txt etc.

Graphics and text for Google Play store

High-res icon 512 x 512 32-bit PNG (with alpha) (GPhighres.png)

Feature Graphic 1024 x 500 jpeg (or 24-bit PNG – no alpha)(GPfeature.jpg/png)

Short text description only 80 characters (GPshortdescription.txt)

You can see more details here:


Continuous updating

It’s possible to login to your Google Play account and update the graphics and text continuously if anything changes.


Supported languages in RushFiles application

The apps can support the following languages today:

•Chinese (simplified and traditional)

• Czech 




• Finnish 




• Japanese 

• Norwegian



•Portuguese – Brazil



• Swedish 



This also means that you will have to prepare your app store text for these languages. Therefor please indicate which languages you want to support in a text file called SupportedLanguage.txt

Delivery of material

All material has to be send together in one .zip file to