You can share files through the use of special shared folders available in RushFiles called Shares.

A share can be one of 3 types, corporate, team, or private.

✔    Corporate shares:

These are created and managed by admin users through the company administration interface. Corporate shares are often related to individual functions or business units within an organization. Example corporate shares could be "Sales", "Finance", "Marketing", etc.

✔    Team shares:

Team shares can be created either by an admin user or a regular employee (Internal user), given that they possess sufficient rights to create shares. Team shares are relevant for temporary projects, e.g. when working with external partners, or in project groups across multiple organizational units. The user that creates the team share is the owner and manager of it, though admin users are also able to manage them.

✔    Private shares:

Private shares can only be created by an admin user, and only in the Share menu (not in Share list). Private shares relate to an individual user on the company, where this user is the only one having access to the share. Regardless, private shares function the same way as team and corporate shares do, ie: multiple users and groups can be added to them if the share owner wants to do so.

Note Shares created by non-admin users are always created as team shares.
Admins can always choose between Corporate or Team shares when they create a share in the Share list menu. They have the option to create a Private share in the Share menu.
If you want to change the type of a share as an admin user, Edit the share and choose the new type.
There is currently no distinction regarding the functionality of the share types. All types of shares function the same way, and multiple users/groups can be added to any of them.