By default, the Windows client selects which drive to create the local cache on based on space availability. This is usually the C:\ drive, but the setting can be changed to your liking.

To change the location of the local cache:

1.    Exit the PC client.

2.    Open File Explorer, click on "View", and make sure that Hidden Items are enabled.

3.    Type %localappdata% into the path bar in File Explorer, and hit enter.

3.    Find the folder named "RfUserData" and enter it.

4.    In this folder, find the file ClientPcConfiguration.cfg. Create a backup of it, then open the original file with eg. Notepad.

5.    Search for "DataDrive", "FilePath", and "TempFilePath". For each of these, change the drive letter to the drive where you want your local cache to be located at.

6.    Example:

Local cache is on D:




Local cache changed to be on E:




7.    Do not modify anything else in this file. Save your changes when you are done.

8.    Move your RushFiles folder from the current location to the new location. Following the above example, I would move the RushFiles folder from D:\ to E:\

9.    Start the RushFiles client again.

Note The local cache is where the RushFiles Windows client stores files that are available offline, and those that are pending for upload. Therefore, you should select a drive that has adequate size for storing all files that you want to use. Please keep in mind that if you need to save space, you can set the "Keep local file" setting in the Windows client to 0. With this setting, all files that are available offline will be cleaned from your system with the next restart.