NOTE: Rebranding only possible for RushFiles' partners with prior agreement and acceptance for payment.

Please follow the guide step by step to be sure, you have all needed information and graphics for your rebranding and can deliver all material for this application together in one package.

Graphics Size Filename Comment Note
1. Program icon 256 x 256 pixels as .ico
16 x 16 pixels as .png
Be aware if you have a white icon, it will need a colored line
or background for showing in the icon tray.

The .ico file has to include 16x16 - 32x32 - 64x64 - 128x128 - 256x256
2. Left side graphics 120 x 315 pixels is .bmp Leftside.bmp

3. Top bar graphics 1000 x 65 pixels as .png Topbar.png The image has to be 1000 x 65 pixels in 96 dpi and PNG format
Height can be up to 100 pixels

Program name
Programname.txt Example: RushFiles Cloud Drive
Publisher name
Publishername.txt Example: RushFiles


Language support

By default RushFiles supports 19 common languages including, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese, French, German,
Danish, English, Swedish, Japanese and others. The user can after installation change the language used as desired.

Support for additional languages will be implemented based on demand. If special language support is demanded,
RushFiles can provide a language file to be translated covering all platforms.

Few things can't be branded
The Powered by RushFiles in the lower right corner of the application can’t be changed or removed !

It’s not possible to rename the program path structure due to the internal file architecture and logging mechanism.

Now you are ready to send the materials to rebranding, please send it to