NOTE: Rebranding only possible for RushFiles' partners with prior agreement and acceptance for payment.


Please follow the guide step by step to be sure, you have all needed information and graphics for your rebranding and can deliver all material for this application together in one package.

Size Filename Comment Note
1. Installer Background image 620 x 418px Background.png

Notice the logo position – you can use the background.psd* as master.

Logo size 550 x 480 mm

2. Application Icon 1024 x 1024 Appicon.png Notice that the file has to be a transparent file
3. Menu bar icon 18 x 18px + 36 x 36px (retina) Menubar.png and Menubar@2x.png Can be black, white or colored
We suggest black to achieve the new look
4. Program header 170 x 30px + 340 x 60px Brandedcolor.txt
Branded color in HTML hex code (e.g. #749d31) White will not work as a branded color
Transparent png-24 logo in normal and retina (@2x)

5. Sidebar 1024 x 1024px Sidebaricon.png This icon has to be monochromatic that are drawn just using black and transparency.

5. Product name
Productname.txt Example: RushFiles Cloud Drive
6. Short product name
Shortname.txt The short application and mounted drive name, Cloud Drive
Shown in Finder and LaunchPad
7. Installer package name
Installername.txt Example: CloudDrive_Installer.pkg

*Link to background.psd -

*Link to examples of what and where the branded icons is shown -

Delivery of materials

All material has to be send together in one zip file to