When you log in to the reseller administration web interface, the first page you see is My Account.

Here, you can see an overview of your reseller-level information and settings.

To navigate back to this page, click on the  icon, and My Account in the top navbar.

Whenever you change something on this page, a big Save button will appear at the top of the page. You have to click this button to apply your changes.

My Account section

Name: The name of your reseller. This can be anything that represents your company. Your RushFiles provider will see your reseller with this name in their own reseller administration.

Reseller ID: The ID of your reseller in your provider's database.

External ID: This is the ID used for external integration, such as AD integration. This ID should be used for any external integration instead of the Reseller ID.

Office Online available (Yes/No): Controls whether Office Online integration is available on the reseller level, or not. This setting is inherited by all resellers and companies under your reseller.

Language: Controls which mail templates are used for reseller-level system mails. Eg.: if set to English, then the English templates will be used.

Max shared folders per share: Sets the maximum amount of sub-folder shares in a share.

Max users on shared folder: Sets the maximum amount of users for sub-folder shares.

Encryption section

Encryption activated: Tells you the type of encryption that is applied to files under your reseller. This setting is always activated, uses 256-bit AES, and cannot be changed. See more about encryption and data security in RushFiles here

API Information section

Api Key: This is the key that identifies this reseller when using our API.

Client Api: Visit this URL for descriptions of methods available in our API.

File Api: Visit this URL for descriptions of methods available in our File API.

API Information: Visit this URL to access the RushFiles developer portal, where you can learn in-depth about our APIs.