Secure cloud storage and file sharing solution

RushFiles extension enables you to buy a license and provision your company account creation.

With RushFiles, you can securely store and share data using any device at any time from any location.

Key features:

  • Secure internal and external file sharing (with 2FA and AES 256-Bit Encryption)
  • Share data within and outside the organization with read-only public links; with options for password protection and expiry date.
  • Collaborate across platforms with Windows, Android, MacOS, and iOS Clients.
  • Collaborate in Office files concurrently
  • Generate full Audit Reports and implement Remote wipe

Secure Cloud Storage

RushFiles enables you to store up to 999 versions of files for up to 999 days. Retain deleted files for up to 60 Days. Bulk version recovery helps you restore your files quickly after a ransomware attack. Implement your file-sharing policies along with RushFiles' granular controls over files and users’ rights.

New account creation 

Plesk users have the possibility to provision a RushFiles company account using the RushFiles Cloud Plesk extension. RushFiles account provisioning is dependent on the installation of the RushFiles extension on the Plesk server. 

When the user opens the extension for the first time, they will have the option to "Buy License". 

Users have the option to buy a license corresponding to one of our available packages. All packages allow the creation of an unlimited number of users but different storage options for the company account. Below are the available packages with their corresponding storage capacity: 

  • RushFiles Freemium - max 5 GB storage
  • RushFiles Starter - max 100 GB storage
  • RushFiles Advanced - max 1 TB storage
  • RushFiles Business - max 4 TB storage
  • RushFiles Enterprise - max 10 TB storage

All licenses are available with a monthly payment and support ulterior upgrade to another package. 

For license activation, users are required to enter some additional information. They must provide the Company name and Administrator's email address.  

After the company has been successfully provisioned on the account. The administrator will receive an email to activate their account and continue using RushFiles. 

Here you can find more detailed information on how to Get Started using RushFiles. 

View and manage an active license  

After successfully provisioning a RushFiles account, the extension will display a login button, which will open in a different tab. 

Do you need any help?

If you need any help, want to let us know about a problem, give feedback, or just have a chat, please contact RushFiles support.