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Searching users by email, adding groups to sub-shares+a few bugs I noticed

I have a few things that we as admins would find helpful in the app:

1. When adding users to a sub-share, it would be great if we could search by email also, not just by user. Sometimes we only know the email address we want to add, not the name of the person that uses that email address.

2. Being able to add groups to sub-shares.

3. Being able to add more than 25 users/sub-share.

<please report bugs directly to helpdesk, thanks - admin>

Also, it would be really useful if admins could edit user info (first name, last name).

Hi Cristina,

Again, sorry for the delayed response.

Your feature requests have been accepted - please note that bugs 1-2 are fixed in the upcoming summer release. We've verified bug 3 and added it to our list.

Please use helpdesk to submit bug reports for the future.



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