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function to scan rushfiles-driectories from server

It would be really nice to have the ability to scan users rushfiles and update the datase/files on the server accordingly.

cause of request: lately we have had to restore the database from a backup.

backup taken, tuesdag at 15.00.

backup restored, wednesday at 16.00.

Files and folders created in this space of time (between backup taken and backup restore) is not recognized in rushfiles.

files located in these folders cannot be uploaded to the server, as "folder doesn't exist" - although i can find the folder on the webclient.

If I øøcopy the folder to the computer c: drive and copy it back in, it will be uploaded and everything is working fine..

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Hi Andreas

Thanks for your suggestion.

While we agree this is a feature that would be nice to have, it does not overrule our current list of need-to-have's that are in development. 

I'm marking the idea for later re-evaulation though.

- Tom