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Mark sync issues in Explorer and make clear warnings

We have seen a lot of sync issues. The users are not always aware abouth them. Rushfiles does not come up with a clear warning.  Sometimes the issue blocks a long list of documents / changes from being synced. In some cases - in particular if the issue is a folder and not a file - it can be impossible for the to identify the issue without Rushfiles support.

When sync issues happen A) a warning must pop up that sync issues need to be solved and B) file explorer shuld mark the file icons with warning signs and the folders all the way to the top share lavel so that the user can navigate easily to the files/folders with issues. 

(See how MS Onedrive does this).

Of course this applies to all platforms (Mac does allready have some indications)

Hi Jan,

Sorry for the late reply.

Just to clarify - you mean a context/systray area pop-up that can open into an actionable item list?

Thanks for your suggestion!

- Tom


First of all, I think it is imperative, that Rushfiles improves the reliability on file syncs. IN PARTICULAR on the MAC client. Our MAC uses have a constant battle !

Regarding the warnings, I see a few steps.

First step is to tell the user something is wrong!

In the Windows client, if a file is for some reason not syncing, this blocks all subsequent files. So in the bottom right you see a message pop up, like 10 files remaining.... Nothing tells the user that this list is not really being synced. I had a user with 2 weeks of non-synced files !!!!

I suggest a warning pop up is shown frequently that action must be taken.

Second step is to help the user solve the issue without calling an IT support person or raising a Rushfiles ticket. In Windows, today the ONLY clue the user has, (and this is only IF he/she even discovers there is an issue), is a file name is displayed when opening the client. The same file name is shown. all the time (this is where it would say Upload OK if there are no issues). There is NO indication of problems in File Explorer. Further, if the issue is related to a folder, that was renamed, then it may be impossible to identify the origin of the issue. I had an example of this recently.

My suggestion is: File Explorer marks not synced files and folders with a red warning. The folders are also marked above the file, all the way up to the top share level. This way the user will see there is a problem immediately, AND the user can browse down to the files or folders that have problems. This is how ONEDRIVE does it. 

Third step, more nice to have, is to include a suggested action e.g. localise the file, copy to desktop, delete the file from rushfiles, allow sync to complete for the entire queue, then copy file back to folder, verify it syncs ok. But in the user guides online there should be suggested actions in these cases - ie what to do when files do not sync.

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