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Cancel an upload

There is a good functionality in the client software right now which is to pause the upload. What we need (so not nice to have, but need to have) is a possibility to cancel an upload completely.

We and our customers are uploading several Gigabites at once, like 150GB from one client. Depending off the network upload speed it can take a long time. When it is possible to simply cancel the upload and start over when you are in a different (read faster) network, this will decrease errors and waiting time. Right now there is no easy way to "kill" an upload for an user.

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Until we have implemented this functionality on the PC Client and Mac Client you can use the Web Client where this is possible.

But thanks for your suggestion that we will implement.

Best regards

Peter Lustrup

Product Owner

Hi Jlogtenberg,

This is now a feature :)


- Tom