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Genererate link for upload of single file to Home folder from guests

We would like the option to send a link to a contact making the receiver able to upload a file to the home folder without the need to create or invite the contact to RushFiles. For reception of large files with one time or infrequent contacts it is to cumbersome to manage users in RushFiles but this feature together with Send link in Email would make a good solution for Ad Hoc file exchange.

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we get frequently asked if there is an option for "non users" to upload files (through webclient). 

Something like the new dropbox function to "request files" by sending a link to a person for uploading files would be great. 

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Any update on this?

Agree in this request - very important feature: Being able to request and/or allow non-users to upload files to a folder. Could be an access right you can provide when creating the link to the folder.

  • For me too i bet there are plenty of users that want that feature es well. For security reasons it could be a dedicated share folder for with no access to existing filestructure. 

+1 for this request!


Hello everybody,

Again - apologies for very late replies. I just ran this by our Head of Development who fully agrees and thinks this should be added to our feature list. 

Thank you for your suggestions and upvoting importance of the topic =)

- Tom