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Ability to share subfolder

Add ability to share subfolder in the same way as other shares

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I just wanted to follow up on this topic. 

We are working on this topic right now, and we are planning the release to be in Q3 2016. 



I would like something similar as well.

I want to share subfolders and people, that are added to be allowed to see those folders, will see, when opening the rushfiles drive a folder with the company name, and than the one shared for them.

I need that because I'm managing multiple companies, and you easely loose track of which folders go to which company.




Sorry for the late follow up. 

I just wanted to let you know that we are implementing subfolder sharing with the next release. 

The release is planned to start December 13th, and will over a period be updated to all partners. 

We will send out a release note, with dates and times as soon as we have it ready.