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Multi User Installer / MSI-Package

It would be awesome if the Installer would install the RushFiles-Client for all Users on a PC rather than for only one. Also a MSI-Package for Deployments by using Group Policies would be great for some larger customers of us.

Thank you very much!

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HI Jonas

There's a FAQ which explains the feature you need. 

Take a look, Click Here


Brian Abild

I'm also would like have option login with multi user.

I'm starting looking up this service and would like use it for 2 local sport club and and private.

An MSI package is surely needed, creating your own msi package of the Rushfiles client is a pain 

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maybe our request goes the same way:

We would be very happy if there would be a simple install (and deinstall) routine for terminalserver/citrix environments. So far the process is long winded and doesn't work proper from time to time.