In order to see thumbnails of your pictures in File Explorer, you'll first need to have the pictures available offline.

✔    Open your RushFiles drive in File Explorer and navigate to the folder that holds your pictures.

✔    Right-click the folder.

✔    Hover over RushFiles.

✔    Click on Download folder or Start synchronization.

✔    If you want to see previews of pictures on an entire share, then you can enable Start synchronization on a share as well, with the same steps.

Afterwards, make sure that files are shown as icons by File Explorer

✔    Click the "View" tab in File Explorer and you will see this menu:

✔    Highlight the "Large icons" option and close the tab again.

If you still do not see any thumbnails, do the following:

✔    Click the "View" tab in File Explorer.

✔    Click the "Options" button on the right and go to the "View" tab.

✔    Make sure the "Always show icons, never thumbnails" option is NOT marked.

✔    If you made any changes here, click Apply to Folders.