When uploading files to the PC and Mac client, you might experience that it uses up twice the space for the files you work on.

This is because the client creates a temporary backup for uploading, so you can continue working on the file while it is uploaded.

This backup will be deleted once the file is successfully uploaded.

Therefore, while uploading and in the upload queue, the file will use double the size on your local disk.

Using the Client to migrate data

If you are using the client to upload large amount of data you can do the following:

  1. Copy the files you are able to (Leave a bit of space on the disk for it to work faster).
  2. Wait for the client to upload everything.
  3. When everything is uploaded, set the cache to 0 days under settings
  4. Restart the application and wait for it to clear out the cache, this might take a few minutes, depending on the amount of data.
  5. When the application is started again, set the cache back to what it was before, and continue from step 1 until all data is uploaded.

Where are my files located:

PC Client: The application automatically takes the disk with the most free space on installation.

Mac Client: Files are located in "~/Library/RushFiles" folder (where RushFiles can differ due to branded installation).

Only for PC clients

If for some reason the wrong drive is used, please refer to the following solution to change the drive.