If your AD synchronization for a company doesn't work (and others' do).
It's most likely due to the configuration of that single company.

  • If you check the logs for the RfAdReplication service (should be installed on same server as domainmaster), and find the following error occurring "ConnectToAd - A referral was returned from the server.", then the problem is probably with the Domain Path of the company. Ensure that you have entered the path correctly according to the AD integration documentation.

  • It can also be that you are missing a whitelabel/whitelisting of the email domains. In this case, you should ensure that you have added all domains for the desired email addresses as shown in the AD integration documentation.

  • You should also check if the email domains you have whitelisted are in all-lowercase. For example: if you have "rushfiles.com" as your email domain, having "Rushfiles.com" in the whitelist would not allow you to login with your AD user.

You can find the documentation here: