Affects both Old and New Web Client:

  • "Resend invitation / password mail" does not work for newly created users.
    • Users should use the login screen's forgotten password flow to request an account activation/reset mail.
  • Device Management is effective without a device approver.
    • Once Device Management is activated, always make sure to have at least one device approver who has access to the account.
  • The login input fields may not load until the browser sends location information (if sending location information is allowed).
    • Either disallow location information from being sent, or try using a different browser.

Affects only New Web Client:

  • "Download client software" button links to the wrong URL when logged in with a user created on a company of a sub-reseller.
  • Error message appears when Internal or External user opens the Profile Settings page. Does not affect functionality.
  • Downloading folders from public links does not work for non-owners of the link.
  • Profile Settings disappear when changing Language while in the Profile Settings menu.
  • Error message when previewing files in Public Links that are not pdf, txt, or image files.
  • Files equal to or greater in size than 2GB can not be downloaded from public links, by non-owners of the link. Reproduces in Chromium-based with version 113 and 114. Does not reproduce in Chromium 115 (beta).
  • Reseller Mode: Toggling 2FA on a reseller may not change the 2FA state on any children (except for their ability to toggle 2FA on or off). This may cause 2FA to still be in effect after toggling it off, or not being in effect after toggling it on.
    • If you've toggled on or off 2FA in Reseller Mode, please reapply your selection in the Old Web Client's reseller portal by toggling it on/off (or off/on).

The workaround for issues affecting the New Web Client is switching back to the Old Web Client. Issues affecting Public Links in the New Web Client can be circumvented by opening the link in an incognito/private browser tab.

If you are a RushFiles Reseller, and would like to report an issue not found on the list above, please a create a ticket.

End-users should contact their RushFiles Reseller to receive support and to submit bugs.