With RushFiles and Office 365, you can now open and edit your files directly from the Office Application.

How to enable this:

1. Open the Microsoft Office 365 app.

2. Tap the User's icon from the top-left corner of the screen.

3. Tap Storages Account, then tap + Add Storage Account.

4. Look for RushFiles and tap it to open the Login page.

5. Enter your Email and Password, leave the Domain blank, then tap the Log in button.

Note: Users hosted on Data Island installations must fill out the domain field with the domain of the installation they are hosted on.

Once your RushFiles account is integrated, go back to the "Folder" menu, and you'll find your RushFiles storage integrated.

You can now browse Office files, create new ones, and modify existing ones directly in your RushFiles shares.

Watch our video tutorial hereMicrosoft Office Storage Integration.MP4

Please note that this option is not available on Android systems.