With RushFiles can you now lock your files to prevent file changes while you are working on the file.

File locking will lock the file on user level, meaning the user locking the file (UserA) is the only user to unlock the file again.

When a file is locked, and opened by UserB, they will still be able to read the file but not edit and upload a new version before UserA unlock the file.

They will however be forced to “Save As” and a new document is uploaded.

Where can I lock and unlock?

You can lock and unlock files from the web-client, PC, Mac and mobile devices.

On the web-client, PC and Mac you can right click the file you want to lock and in the menu click “Lock File”

The same procedure to unlock the file.

On mobile devices you can lock the file by pressing the little “settings” icon to the right of the filename.

The same procedure to unlock the file.

As administrator you will always be able to unlock a locked file.