I uploaded a file to RushFiles but the file is now missing or cannot be opened - what can I do to find it?

Solution 1:

1.    Find the RushFiles Windows client in the systray area, right-click it, then click Exit in the menu.

2.    Open File Explorer, and look for a folder named "RushFiles Not uploaded files <date>" on the root of your drive(s).

3.    Files that could not be uploaded will be located inside this folder.

4.    You can upload them again to the RushFiles cloud.

Solution 2:

1.    The RushFiles application stores locally available files in a hidden folder called RushFiles on the root of your largest drive, which is typically C: . Files that couldn't be uploaded are also stored here, and can be restored with a few steps.

2.    Open File Explorer, click on View, and make sure that Hidden items are enabled.

3.    Then, find the hidden RushFiles folder on the root of one of your drives.

4.    Inside this folder, there is a separate folder for each user that logged in to the application, named after the user's email address used with RushFiles.

5.    Navigate into your user's folder, then into the Files folder. The resulting path can look like this:

6.    Search for the missing file's name inside the Files folder. The search should return an RFMETA file.

7.    Go to the location of this RFMETA file, and notice that there is another file named similarly, but without an extension. This is because the application creates file pairs in preparation for upload. The RFMETA file contains the file's metadata, while the file without an extension contains the actual data.

8.    Rename the file without an extension (marked with green above) to the original name and extension of the file. These can be seen in the name of the RFMETA file (marked with red above). In this example, the file's name is test.xlsx . 

9.    After renaming the file, you'll need to remove the "Hidden" attribute from it to be able to upload it again to RushFiles, as the client ignores all hidden files. Simply right-click the file, then click on Properties.

10.    Make sure that the Hidden attribute is unchecked, then click on Apply.

11.    The file's icon is now fully opaque, signifying that it is not hidden, and ready to be uploaded to RushFiles again.

If neither of these solutions locate the file, contact your RushFiles reseller.