I uploaded a file to RushFiles but the file is now missing - what can I do to find it?

There can be multiple reasons why the upload of the file failed.

Please try the these steps in order to locate the missing file:

1. Open Windows Explorer and select the drive that holds the local cache, which is typically the biggest drive. (e.g. C:\\)

 - Is there a folder called "RushFilesnotuploaded (date)" ?

 - If Yes, is the file located here?

 - If Yes, copy the file and paste it into the RushFiles drive and check if the file is uploaded to the web application.

2. If the "RushFilesnotuploaded (date)" folder isn't there, please enable "Show hidden objects" in Windows Explorer.

You should now see a folder called "RushFiles" on the drive RushFiles is installed on.

- Inside that folder you'll find another folder called "yourusername".

- If you open that folder, two other folders are shown "Dtemp" and "Files".

- Try to search for the filename in the root of the folder "yourusername".

- Does your search locate a RFMETA file with the correct name and timestamp?

- If yes, please make a search for the ID (the string in the beginning of the filename) instead of the filename.

- Does that search find 2 files (1 RFMETA file and 1 File)?

- If yes, please make sure that the timestamp is the correct.

- If it is, please copy both files to a folder on the C:\\ drive.

- Now rename the "[ID].file" to the original filename (the name in the end of the RFMETA file).

Please check if the file is now the correct file.

If it is, please copy it and paste it to your RushFiles drive to upload the file again.

IMPORTANT: The files that you recover from these folders are automatically hidden.
To make sure that they are correctly uploaded to the client, you need to right-click the file, click properties, and uncheck the hidden option.

If any of these steps doesn't locate the file, please contact your RushFiles partner.