This guide aims to help users get started with the functions and options of the RushFiles Mac client.

Customers of white-labeled RushFiles partners are advised to contact their RushFiles reseller for download links to their branded Mac client and web client URL.  

In this article:

1. Requirements

2. Download and install

3. Login and settings

    3.a Settings menu

    3.b Share list

4. Working with files

    4.a Context menu

5. Uninstallation

1) Requirements

Operating systems: OS X Yosemite (10.10) or newer.

The Mac client also requires OSX FUSE version 3.10.4. This will be installed along with the RushFiles Mac client. However, you can also download and install it from OSX FUSE's github page here.

2) Download and install

You can download the Mac client either from here or from the web client when visiting from a Mac.

✔    After the download is finished, run the installer.

✔    When the installation is complete, the client will run automatically.

3) Login and settings

✔    Right after installation, you will see the Account tab. Right-click the app's icon in the top bar to get there, in case it didn't open. 

✔    Type in the email address and password you use with RushFiles and click on Log in.

✔    If the login was successful, you will see a "User validated" label with a green checkmark in the login menu.

Note If, for any reason, the login screen doesn't show up automatically, please click on the app in the top-bar and right-click it. This will bring you right to the login screen.

3.a) Settings menu

You can reach the setting menu by right-clicking the client's icon in the top-bar, and selecting the General tab.

In this menu, you have the following options available:

✔    Automatic start. Check this option if you want the client to automatically start when you turn on your Mac.

✔    Select language. Choose the display language of the Mac client.

✔    Keep local file. Here, you can set the time period downloaded files will be kept for on your Mac.

✔    Automatic screenshot upload. Check this option if you want all of the screenshots take to be automatically uploaded to RushFiles. You can specify and then later change which folder on the RushFiles drive you want to save the screenshots to.

✔    Create link in clipboard (Only available if automatic screenshot upload is enabled). Check this option if you also want to create a public link created for each screenshot you upload. The public link will have company default settings, and the URL will be automatically placed in your clipboard, ready to be pasted anywhere.

3.b) Share list

You also have an overview of all the shares you have access to. To see this share list, left-click on the client's icon in the top-bar.

✔    Click on the name of a share to rename it. This change is only local, and specific to this Mac. The share's name is unchanged to any other users.

✔    Click on the folder icon next to a share. This opens the share in Finder.

4) Working with files

If you the installation was successful, and you are logged in to the client, you will see a RushFiles drive in Finder. This drive functions just like any other drive on your Mac.

You can, among others:

✔    Copy files.

✔    Move files. (Only inside shares; files cannot be moved between shares)

✔    Edit files.

✔    Edit files' contents with the relevant app.

✔    Delete files.

✔    Create/Delete/Rename folders.

Only two things are not allowed: Creating folders on the root of the RushFiles drive (this can only be done in the web client), and moving data between shares (the root folders of the RushFiles drive).


Files that are not downloaded to your computer are marked with a small cloud icon overlay. These files need to be downloaded before they can be accessed, which requires internet connection.

You just need to double-click on such a file, and it will be automatically downloaded and opened with the relevant app.

Files that are already downloaded have a green computer icon next to them. These files are accessible and editable even without internet connection.

Your edits will be uploaded the next time you connect to the internet.

Note If everything is correct, but you still cannot see a RushFiles drive, please open the login screen of the client by right-clicking on the client's icon in the top-bar and check the "Mount as root" option.

4.a) Context menu

On top of this, you also have access to the RushFiles context menu, automatically installed as a Finder extension. You can find this menu next to the search bar in Finder, or when right-clicking a file or folder on the RushFiles drive. The specific options are detailed below.

If you are not in the RushFiles drive:

✔    RushFiles. This opens the RushFiles drive.

On any folder NOT in the root of the RushFiles drive:

✔    Create link in clipboard. This option creates a public link (link here!) with the company default settings, and places the URL of the link into your clipboard, ready to be pasted anywhere.

✔    Send link in Email. This one also creates a public link in the same way the previous option does, but instead opens your Email app, with the URL of the link already pasted into the body of a new email.

✔    Available offline. Choosing this option downloads the entire content of the folder, and keeps it locally available at all times. Changes done remotely to this folder are downloaded locally as they happen.

✔    Download folder. With this option, the entire content of the folder is downloaded a single time. Changes done to this folder after the download is complete are not downloaded automatically.

On any file on the RushFiles drive:

✔    Create link in clipboard. (See above)

✔    Send link in Email. (See above)

✔    Download. (See above)

✔    Lock file / Unlock file. You can lock a file for editing with this option. While a file is locked, only the user that locked it is able to make changes to it. Only the user that locked it, or a company administrator can unlock a file.

Note There is a "New Share" function available in the root of the RushFiles drive. New share cannot be created with this option, and it will be removed. You can only create new shares using the web client.

5) Uninstallation:

✔    Quit the client. You can do this by left-clicking the client's icon in the top-bar, clicking thebutton in the bottom-right corner of the Share list window, and choosing Quit.

✔    Open Finder and go to Applications.

✔    Select the RushFiles app and Move it to Trash.