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Device Management

This feature gives Company Administrator the authority to manage the devices that are used by the company’s users to log in to the application.

The flow is as follows:

When a user tries to log in from a new device, they will be greeted by a new screen where the user will be informed that a new device was detected and sent for approval. 

A selected Admin (1 or more) will receive a device approval request email from the system, informing them that a login attempt was made from a new device. The email will also contain a link that will redirect the Admin to a new menu where they can approve/block the device in question. The user will be informed by email about the device status update.

Device Management Submenu

This submenu is present under Administration/Account Settings menu. It contains a Device Approvers list where a Company Admin can select one or more Admins from the Company to be Device Approvers.

    Selected Device Approvers will receive the Device approval request email.

    If no Device Approver is selected, new devices will be approved automatically just like on prior versions.

    At least one Device Approver must be selected in order for new devices to go through the approval flow. Company Admins can update (add/remove users) the list at any time.

New Device Detected

When a user, regardless of the role, tries to log in from a new device, they will be greeted by a new screen after submitting valid credentials informing them that a new device was detected. At this point a Device approval request email is sent to each approver in the Device Approvers list.

Manage Devices

This feature allows administrators to manage the devices of the users within the organization. It gives the admin the authority to approve eligible devices or block unwanted devices that are trying to access the PC/Web client.

Available filters:

  • Users
  • Device Type
  • Status

This menu is available under the Administration section, and it contains all the devices used by the users of a Company to log in.

The devices are displayed in a grid with 6 columns (User, Device Name, Device Type, Last Login, Country, and Status).

By default, devices that have Pending approval status will be displayed first. The admin can filter by Date interval, User, Device type and Device status. From here, any admin can manage the devices of the users by approving/blocking any device. In order to approve/block a device, the admin must access the meatballs menu of a device and an approve/block.

✔    Users - the name of the user that logs in to the PC or Web client.

✔    Device Name - the device name of the user used to log in.

✔    Device Type - the type of device used to access.

✔    Last Login - indicates the last time the user was logged in.

✔    Country - indicates the country of origin upon logging in, based on the user's IP location.

✔    Status - indicates whether the device is allowed or blocked to access.

➜ The status of all existing devices prior to enabling Device Management will not be influenced by this feature, their status will remain unchanged. If admins want to change the status of existing devices, they can do so from the Manage Devices menu.

➜ The admin user can only manage the devices of the users that are primary on the selected company. Devices of users that are not primary on the selected company will not be displayed in the Manage Devices menu.

➜ Admin users will also have to go through the device approval flow when using a new device to log in.

➜ Users will no longer be able to unblock/approve their devices from the Devices menu while Advanced Features are enabled. They will only have the possibility to block a device. If they want a specific device approved, they will have to contact their administrator.

➜ If Advanced Features gets disabled for a Company and there are Devices that are in a pending approval state, they will be automatically approved. In addition, all Device Approvers will remain in the list but the list will be read-only. If Advanced Features is re-enabled, the approval flow will commence from where it left off.

Device Approver

A Device Approver is someone who has the authority to approve or reject requests for device access within a company. They are responsible for ensuring that users (i.e., employees) have the appropriate level of access to company devices and data.

As a Company Admin, you can manage Device Approvers via the Device Management feature.

To add a Device Approver:

  1. Click on the Search bar.
  2. Select among the list of users.
  3. Click the Save Settings button to finish.

To remove a Device Approver:

  1. Click on the Remove button next to the user account.
  2. Click the Save Settings button to finish.

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