Link types

This feature gives the possibility for a user to create public links of different types. The available link types are:

 Preview and Download – will basically be the same behavior as before where the user can preview files (if files are previewable) and also download the content of the link.

 Preview – user can only preview the files in the link, there will be no download option.

Download – user can only download the content of the link, there will be no possibility to preview the files.

A new option will be added in the Create public link pop-up called Link type, where the user can select a link type at link creation.

The user can change the Link type throughout the lifetime of the public link. Existing public links will have Link type: Preview and Download by default. Preview type links will not take into consideration the download limit.

All of the Advanced Public Link Settings can be used in any combination. If the Public Link Advanced Settings are disabled, the user will have the same experience when creating or accessing a link as before.

If you have further questions or clarifications, feel free to contact us by submitting a ticket through RushFiles HelpDesk Support.