Email Validation

This feature gives the possibility for users to add an extra security step by requiring the person accessing the public link to enter his email address in order to view the content of the link. The link owner will add one or more email addresses to the list of people that can access the public link.

A new option will be added in the pop-up displayed after the public link is created called Share only with people on this list, when the option is enabled, an Email field will appear, and the user can add the email addresses for the people that will have access to the public link. You can either add existing users or email addresses outside the company

After confirmation, each email address will receive an email informing that a public link has been shared with them together with the public link Url and information about how to access the link. Two new email templates will be available that will be used for this process:

Shared link: - used when email validation public links are created with no password.

Shared link with password: - used when email validation public links are created that also have password protection.

A dialog will appear when the user accesses the public link asking for the email address, similar to the Password prompt, the dialog can also contain password validation. The user can view the content of the public link only if the email address provided is within the list.

Email address validation dialog

Email and Password validation dialog

Email validation can also be enabled/disabled or edited for existing public links. A new option will be available in Links menu called Share public link. The option will be available in the meatballs menu of a public link.

The same pop-up will be opened as the one that appears when creating a public link, which we already covered.

Important Note!

The email validation will not apply to the public link owner. Only newly added email addresses will receive Shared link email when saving the changes after editing Public link sharing options.

If you have further questions or clarifications, feel free to contact us by submitting a ticket through RushFiles HelpDesk Support.