Under My Account  -> Billing, you can download the billing information of resellers and companies under you.

You just need to select the date that you want to generate the report for, then click on "Download XML file for billing". The data in the downloaded XML file is a "snapshot" of the users and space sold and currently used by each reseller and company under you for the selected date.

Each reseller and company is described with the following elements:

Name  the name of the company or reseller.

ParentName  the name of the parent reseller.

CreateDate  shows the date the company or reseller was created.

Type  tells you whether this entity is a company or a reseller.

UsersSold  the total amount of users that were created on the company/reseller.

UsersUsed  the total amount of current users on the company/reseller.

UsersConfirmed  this is not currently used.

SpaceSold  the total amount of space sold.

SpaceUsed  the total amount of space used.

Decommissioned  shows if the company is Deactivated or not. "False" means the company is Active, "True" means the company/reseller is Deactivated or Deleted.

DeleteDate  shows the date the company / reseller was deleted. This element is empty if the company / reseller is still Active.

Id  this is the ID of the company / reseller.

ParentId  this is the ID of the parent reseller of this company / reseller.

Note The very first Entity in the list is your own reseller.