1) What can I do on the profile page?

When you are created as a user, your administrator can only set your Email address, and your User name. You can customize other information about you here, in the Profile menu.

This is also the place where you can set up or edit your 2FA settings and access your 2FA recovery codes. Click here to see how.

To get here, click on Profile in the left menu of the web client.

1.a) Change your information: 

✔    Type your info under the corresponding fields (Full Name, Title,  Phone).

✔    When you are done, click the Save button below.

✔    Your changes are now saved.

1.b) Upload or change your profile picture:

✔    Hover over the circle (your current profile picture) just left of the field Full Name.

✔    Click Change. This will prompt you to select an image from your machine. 

✔    After this, you have the option to zoom in and out of the image, or crop parts of it that you don't need (only if your image is larger than 192x192 pixels).

✔    Click on the checkmark button to set the cropped image as your profile picture, or click the X button to cancel the operation.

Note You can remove your current picture by hovering your cursor over it, and clicking Remove.
Maximum image size is 4 MB.
Your email address can't be changed. If you want to change to a different email address, a new user with that address will need to be created.