As a feature in company administration, you can generate reports.

To use this feature, go to the web client, log in as administrator, and click on "Reports".

In Reports, there are 4 options. 

1: User journal

2: Log in

3: File and folder events

4: Public folder and files.

Some features are common:

Get report - press this to generate the report in the web client.

Download - press this to download an .xml version of the report.

Refresh - refreshes the page, and sets all values to their defaults.

1. User journal:

Allows the administrator to see users' activity. (Username, Name, Event, Timestamp, Share)

There some filters in place to help narrow the search:

Shares - the specific share of the activity.

Username - the specific user of the activity.

from/to - the specific dates for the activity.

No fields are required in User Journal.

2. Log in:

Shows the login information of the company. (User name, Device Type, Login Status, Timestamp, IP address)


Username - the specific user for the Log in information.

No fields are required in Log in.

3. File and folder events:

Shows all file and folder events in a specific share/folder. (File/Folder name, Event, Timestamp, Username)


Event type - the type of event you are looking for (folder events are also marked as file events).

User - events by the specific user.

from/to - the specific dates for the events.

Share - the share where the events happened.

After a share is chosen, click "Select" under "File/Folder", and select the folder you want to generate a report for.

Selecting a Share and a File/Folder are required.

4. Public folder and files:

Shows all events related to public links. (File/Folder, Action(EventType), Date, IP, Username)


Event type - the type of event you are looking for.

User - filters for the specific user.

Will expire in - link expiration value.

Protected - filters for link password (yes/no).

Share - the share you want to see public link events for.

Selecting a Share is required.