If U: (or the drive specified) shows a message "not available".

First, make sure that the userid and password are correct and the message under the user is "User validated" (or similar).

Look at this video first. https://youtu.be/CdHzI8gOBQQ?t=1m40s

If the user is OK, then the problem could be for different reasons:

1. The driver is not installed.

• Restart the RushFiles client, and on the system tray, just before the "welcome message", a pop-up to install the driver should be shown.

• Install the driver by clicking on the pop-up.

2. If the same user is logged in on the same PC, virtual machine or terminal server, then the drive won't start for security reasons.

Only one user with the same name can be logged in at once on the same "machine".

3. Sometimes Windows fails the encryption of the local configuration file. 

• Open File Explorer.

• Enable hidden items. Refer to the image below.


• Click on the "Home" tab again, and type "%localappdata%" without quotation marks in the path bar.

• Open the folder called "RfUserData".

• Try to open the file "ClientPcConfiguration.cfg" with Notepad:

        • Right-click the file.

        • Click "Open with".

        • Click on Notepad. (You might need to click on "More apps" to find Notepad)

If the file can't be opened because of missing permissions, delete the file.

Afterwards, restart client, and it should ask for user ID and password again.