Mail templates

Navigate to the mail templates via the icon in your left menu:

There are currently 6 different mail templates:

  • Invitation new user - When a new user is created in the application
  • Reset Password - When a user is requesting to reset password from login form or an Admin send it from the user list
  • Server Installed - When a server is successfully installed
  • User Activated - When a new user have set the password
  • Welcome Admin - When a user is added as Admin on company
  • Limit exceeded - Only used when Hard limits is enabled
  • Invitation to share - When an user is invited to a share
  • Share full - Only used when Hard limits is enabled

Change the header or footer

To change the header or footer of the mails click on the top menu links

Change email bodies

1. Select one of the email to change by clicking on the + 

2. Edit the subject and body

A. You can work with your in draft mode until it is ready to be used

B. Change the subject

C. There are required tag the body have to contain. Click on the link to automatically insert the tag into the body 

D. To se how the email looks in the email clients you can always send a test email to yourself or others

E. Remember to save your work every time :)  


Use the editor to create any mail format. For editing in html click the "Source" button.

Set correct mail language

Finally remember to set the mail language on your company. This is done under your company settings.


Note: If your templates dosen't work, check your Mail server configuration.
Create mail server configuration