How to change the design:

1. Create two DNS's for *.yourdomain and yourdomain to the server hosting the rushfiles system. (if you have multiple servers, it’s the one with the frontend sites)

2. You will then be able to access the new website on the yourdomain DNS.

3. The new website consists of two parts yourdomain/client/ (Company configurator and webclient) and yourdomain/reseller/ (reseller configurator).

4. Go to yourdomain/reseller/ and login.

5. You will start at the tab "My Account", so you will need to go to the tab "Skinning" as shown in the screenshot below. From this tab, you are able to click change design. A confirmation popup will be shown and all you need to do now is click yes.

6. This will result in all future calls to the old websites or any unused subdomain being redirected to this site.

(Note: Do not remove the old DNS's because there can still be public links and mails pointing to it.)

I am already using the DNS for yourdomain:

If you are already using the DNS for yourdomain, we can setup a sub domain for the new webinterface. For example instead of, but this should be agreed on with your account manager since it’s a manual process. This cannot be any of the already existing DNS's like webclient.yourdomain, company.yourdomain or reseller.yourdomain.

(Note: this will require that we can access your server and do it directly in the database).

I cannot create a *.yourdomain DNS:

If you cannot create the *.yourdomain DNS, you cannot change the design.

I am using a subdomain for my rushfiles solution:

If you are using a subdomain for your rushfiles solution, you will also need to add HTTP and HTTPS binding for yourdomain the frontend site in the IIS, here you have to add the certificate covering this address to the HTTPS binding.

For example, if I use as my domain, I will need to add a binding for to the site which starts with frontend in the IIS. On the HTTPS binding, I will need the certificate for * , because the * certificate I used under installation doesn’t cover the address , only all sub addresses of it.