PHP code example


To use the example you have to go through the following steps:

  1. Copy the file to your computer 
  2. Unzip file 
  3. Upload to your webserver 
  4. Change the following files (overwrite with your own logo – don’t rename) 
  • logo2-279x70.png (image size 229x70 px)
  • logo2-279x70@2x.png (image size 558x140 px)
  • cfg.php – configuration of your reseller account information
  • Try out 
  • Changing the configuration file

    The cfg.php keeps the following information for use in the demo.

    • Token (External Password) 
    • Userid (External ID) 
    • Resellerid (Reseller ID) 
    • Domain (example ‘’)

    You can get the Token, Userid and Resellerid from you reseller page / My account:

    If you are missing some of the necessary information in “my account” please contact for help

    NOTE: All the information have to be correct in order for the code to work

    Example content of the cfg.php file (fields have been shortend)

    $_token = 'mL3ige3IRx3DOUbQns…..MTwY5i2u70=';

    $_userid = 'dae65228…..2';

    $_resellerid = '8c8372……b6754a76';

    $_domain = '';


    • You can move the cfg.php file to a location NOT visible from the webserver to increase security (change include statement in the save.php file)
    • There are no validation on the fields, it is highly recommended to do this if you wish to use the code in production.