You can change for how long previous file versions (file history) are kept, both for your reseller account, and your customer's account.

The file history settings for a company or sub-reseller cannot be set lower than the parent reseller's settings.

To change the file history settings of a reseller:

1. Login to your reseller site, and click the "History" tab.

2. Use the sliders to change the settings.

3. Click the newly appeared Save button to save your settings.

Max days is the number of days a version is saved.

If the setting is set to e.g. 60 days, older versions of files will be saved for 60 days before they get deleted on the server.

Max versions is how many versions of a file are saved.

A file can be saved multiple times during a day, and every version takes up storage space.

If the setting is set to e.g. 30 versions, it means that when a file has been changed 30 times after upload, the original (first) version is deleted. Then, after another change is uploaded, the second version gets deleted, and so on.

These settings allows you to delete old versions of files to free up storage space by setting them lower. (We do not recommend going below 30 days / 30 versions, in case you need to restore your data.)

The cleanup service that cleans older versions of files runs at 2:00 every morning, and can clear up to 5000 entries, so it might take a day to see changes occur in your storage usage statistics.

To change the file history of a company (as the company's reseller):

1. First lower your reseller's History settings to the desired amount.

2. Click the "Companies" tab on the left menu.

3. Click on the company you want to change history settings for. (Use the search function if you have a lot of companies.)

4. Change the values of "Max days" and "Max versions" to the desired amount.

5. Click the newly appeared Save button to save your settings.