SSO or Single Sign On for use with a dedicated control panel, has been created so it will allow customers/users to access the company website, where they can perform standard tasks like create/delete/modify users/groups and shares for a specific company.

The page that the user will be logged into can look like this:


To login to the company configurator with SSO, you will need to call the LoginAps.aspx page with the following variables in the URL:

  • APS - should always be set to 1
  • id - The External ID of the company which you wish to login as
  • token - the External Password of the company which you wish to login as
    Note: Remember to URL encode token, because it will contain illegal characters for URL)
  • resellerid - the id of the reseller which the company is located under
With redirect to the new webinterface:
  • redirect - just has to be set to any value like 1 or true
  • companyID - the id of the company which you wish to login as

These fields are highlighted in the Company class below in Classes.
(Note: all variables in the URL are case sensitive so it has to be exact matches)



Direct via the browser address line

If it should redirect to the new interface, add the parameters redirect=1 and also companyID=<CompanyId>





(Note: these are fictive values and do not work!)
 You should then be redirected with a logged in user.


Create a link on your control panel with the URL embedded into the html code 


<a href="
target="_blank">Open Company On Another Tab</a>'

With redirect:

<a href="




acnuNLqIgoIPZrGyWrejeftT57Pjif3EfaYnXf8xXyLWb0gwWr%2f3kQo87OuM3w%2b5BOtkk%3d "

target="_blank">Open Company On Another Tab</a>


Company company = GetCompany(); //The company which you are trying to login to.

 domain = "";

string token = System.Web.HttpUtility.UrlEncode(company.ExternalPassword);

 webRequest = string.Format(
//{0} The domain of the companyapi - in this case

 company.ExternalId, //{1} The id variable - which is the ExternalId of the company

 company.ResellerId, //{2} The resellerid variable - which is the ResellerId of the company

 token //{3} The token variable - which is the ExternalPassword of the company
        //(Important that this variable is urlencoded!) 



//This can then be used to open a new browser or iframed with the webRequest as URL.


public class Company 



 public string CompanyId { getset; }

 public string ExternalId { getset; }

 public string ExternalPassword { getset; }

 public string ResellerId { getset; }

 public string Name { getset; }

 public string Max_Space { getset; } //In MB

 publCCic string Max_Users { getset; }

 public string Space_inUse { getset; } //In MB

 public string History_Space { getset; }

 public string Users_inUse { getset; }

 public MetaData MetaData { getset; }

 public CompanyStatus Status { getset; }

 public long CreateTime { getset; }

 public string CreatedBy { getset; }

 public long UpdateTime { getset; }

 public string UpdatedBy { getset; }

 public long DeleteTime { getset; }

 public string DeletedBy { getset; }

 public string ArchiveHostingUrl { getset; }

 public string ArchiveLocalUrl { getset; }

 public HistoryCriterias HistoryCriterias { getset; }

 public HistoryCriterias ResellerHistoryCriterias { getset; }

 public bool IsCriteriasFrozen { getset; }