Add an alternative DNS to your webclient so it’s also accessible there.

  • Open the IIS manager on the server running the RushFiles solution.
  • Expand the server and sites to the left.

  • Locate the website starting with webclient.
  • Right click on it and click “Edit Bindings”.

  • Click Add in the Site Binding’s window

  • Enter the information for the desired binding as shown below and click OK.
    (With your own DNS of course and remember to check off "Require Server Name Indication", as this allows you to have different SSL certificates on the same IP (All Unassigned).)

  • Click Add again in the Site Bindings window and add a HTTP binding for the same DNS.

Set links to webclient to new DNS

  • Go to you reseller configurator and login.(If you have multiple resellers on same system, ensure that you are on the correct one.)

  • Go to My Account and locate the field called “Alias for web configurator”

  • Change this to your new DNS and click save. Remember to set it to HTTPS.