The cloud drive is a Network drive. Because of this, Windows searches the Network drives every once in a while when the cloud drive is accessed.

Please see the possible solutions to slow startup speed below:

1. There is a Network drive attached that is not available. 

This is marked with a red X. This drive is not available to Windows, but it still tries to connect to it, which might take up to a minute.


Disconnect the Network drives that display a red X. (Right click on the Network drive in Explorer and click disconnect).

2. Check the "Receive Windows Auto-tuning level" and try a setting of disabled on Windows 7, 8, and 10.

For this solution, you will need to have administrator rights on the system.


You will need to use an elevated command prompt:

    -Click on the start or search button on your task bar.

    -In the search bar, type "cmd" without the quotation marks.

    -The search result should include an application called "command prompt" or "cmd".

    -Right-click on this application and click "Run as administrator".

    -If prompted for confirmation, click continue.

    -Now you are using an elevated command prompt.

In the elevated command prompt, type:

    netsh interface tcp show global

This will show the state of the auto-tuning. 

If it says normal, try setting it to disabled:

    netsh interface tcp set global autotuning=disabled

To confirm that it is disabled, type:

    netsh interface tcp show global

If this does not help, or if you experience other Network issues after this change, use the following command to revert it to normal:

    netsh interface tcp set global autotuning=normal