The cloud drive is a Network drive. because of this, Windows searches the Network drives every once in a while, when the clouddrive is accesed.

Look for these avalible solutions:

1. Attatched Network drive that are not avalible. This is marked with a red X, this drive is not avalible for Windows and Windows tries to connect to it, and that takes upto a minute.

Solution: disconnect the Network drives with en red X on them. (right click on the Network drive in Explorer and disconnect).

2. Check the "Recieve Windows Atuto-tuning level" and try a setting of disabled on  setting on Windows 7 and 8

Solution: Use a admin command prompt and type:

 netsh interface tcp show global

This will show the state of the auto-tuning. if it's normal, try to set it to disabled.:

netsh interface tcp set global autotuning=disabled

Then use:

netsh interface tcp show global

Again to confirm it's set to disabled.


If this does not help or you experience other Network issues after this change, use this command to revert it to normal.

netsh interface tcp set global autotuning=normal