The solution is built in a multi-tier hierarchy, making it possible for each reseller to have both sub-resellers and customers.


A Reseller is a company that sells the solution to others, and often has rebranded
most parts of the solution.

Resellers can have both company customers and other Resellers in their supply chain.


Is the end customer who purchases the solution to replace an in-house storage server or consumer cloud product.

Reseller Admin

An admin in the reseller’s organization that can create companies and sub-resellers.

Company Admin

An admin in the company administrating the shares and users in the company’s solution.


Is a uniquely identifiable person (email address) that has access to shares and data.


The root folder that users can get access to, and where the users can work with files and folders. Each share is to be compared with traditional network shared folders in a windows environment.