There’s 3 type of shares corporate, team and private

Corporate share are managed by the IT department and can only be created from the company admin interface.

Corporate shares are often related to the employment and the employee’s organizational position. I.e. corporate

shares could be “Sales”, “Finance”, “Marketing” ect.

Team shares can be created by the employee (internal user), if the employee have rights to create share. 

Team shares are relevant for temporary projects, e.g. when working with external partners or in project groups across

multiple organizational units.
The team shares have the creator of the share as “owner” but Admin users can still control the shares and users that are

members of a team share.

Shares created directly from the web or desktop client is always set as Team shares.

Team shares can as well be created from the company admin interface.

Private shares are similar to a home folder and is exclusively managed by the Admin from the company admin interface.

The purpose of the Private share is to give the users a place to store data that don’t belong on corporate or team shares.

Any user (admin, internal and external) can have a private share.

When creating shares through the company configurator you can either create it from the user or the share tab.

Creating a share
Press “New share” type in the share name and choose the share category.

If needed you can change the owner of the share by clicking “Change” choose user from the list and then press “Save”

After creating shares they can be assigned with read (R) or write (W) rights to users and groups.


Delete users
If the user are owner of shares when deleting, the ownership of the shares will be set to the admin.
That means that the shares will not be deleted when deleting a user and you have to delete these from the share tab