How to create a user:

1. Login to the web client with your administrator account

2. Navigate to the "User" tab on the left side-bar

3. Click on "New user" in the top-right corner

4. A popup window appears, and you are presented with the following options:

Name: The name the user will have.

Email: The email address of the user.

Can user create shares: Decides if the user can create shares or not.

Create a share when the user is created: Decides if the user will have a default "private" share.

User settings can be set as company defaults in company settings. The defaults are used when creating a new user.

If the user needs to be created not as default, the settings can be changed during the creation process, as well as later on if needed.

You can create 3 kinds of users:


- Can login to the company administration.

- Is allowed to perform any modifications in the company configuration page including adding/removing users.

- As an admin user, you are not allowed to delete or downgrade yourself.


- Is allowed to invite other users to access data via the function "Share folder as" / "Edit share".

- Can only invite other users as External users, except if the user is already registered as an Internal or Admin user, then the invited user will keep his status.

- Can't revoke other users' access to shares unless the invitation to the share has been sent by the same user.


- Is not allowed to invite other users and can't create new shares.

- Can have "read only", or "read&write" permissions.

When you are done with the settings, click on the "Save" button in the bottom-right corner.

Resend invitation/password mail:

- When you press "Save", the system will automatically send an invitation email to the user to use RushFiles.

- If the user doesn’t receive the invitation mail, then find the user in the "User" tab, click on the user, and you will enter the "Edit user" panel.

- Press "resend invitation/password mail" in the top-right corner.

To be able to log in, the user has to click the link in the email, and set a password.

Delete users:

- If the user is an owner of shares when deleting, the ownership of the shares will be transferred to the admin.

- This means that the shares will not be deleted when deleting a user, and they have to be deleted from the share tab.