Multiple companies:
If you are an admin of multiple companies, you can choose which company to work with by clicking on the company name in the top right-corner, after logging in.

The default settings for the company can be found under the "Account" tab on the left side-bar.

Inside this tab, you will see an overview of the default settings.

Account defaults:

-Allow users to create shares: Can be set On/Off. Controls if users marked as "Internal" are allowed to create shares. (Admin users are always allowed to create shares)

-Create a share when a user is created: Can be set On/Off. All users created as "Internal" or "Admin" get a private share for “personal” use by default.

-Default share name:  The name of the initial share created when the "Create a share when a user is created" option is turned on.

Encryption settings:

-Here, you can set the encryption encryption key.

Public link settings:

-Expiry date: The default expiry the of public links.

-Set as maximum time: If enabled, the value of the "Expiry date" above becomes the maximum possible value to assign to public links.

History settings:

-Max days: With this option, you can set for how many days a file's history will be saved for. Your reseller sets the minimum value.

-Max versions: You can set how many versions of a file should be saved. Your reseller sets the minimum value.

Office online integration:

-Activate office online: When enabled, users can open and work on Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents directly in the browser.

Mail language:

-You can set the language of the company email here.


-You can see the amount of storage and users that are allowed in your package, and also how much you have already used.

Important: To apply your changes, press the "Save" button in the bottom-right corner.