Multiple companies:
If you are an admin of multiple companies, you can choose which company to work with by clicking on the company name in the top right-corner, after logging in.

The default settings for the company can be found under the "Account" tab on the left side-bar.

Inside this tab, you will see an overview of the default settings.

Account defaults:

Allow users to create shares: Can be set On/Off. Controls if users marked as "Internal" are allowed to create shares. (Admin users are always allowed to create shares)

Create a share when a user is created: Can be set On/Off. All users created as "Internal" or "Admin" get a private share for “personal” use by default.

Default share name:  The name of the initial share created when the "Create a share when a user is created" option is turned on.

Encryption settings:

Here, you can set the encryption encryption key.

Public link settings:

Expiry date: The default expiry the of public links.

Set as maximum time: If enabled, the value of the "Expiry date" above becomes the maximum possible value to assign to public links.

History settings:

Max days: With this option, you can set for how many days a file's history will be saved for. Your reseller sets the minimum value.

Max versions: You can set how many versions of a file should be saved. Your reseller sets the minimum value.

Office online integration:

Activate office online: When enabled, users can open and work on Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents directly in the browser.

Mail language:

You can set the language of the company email here.


You can see the amount of storage and users that are allowed in your package, and also how much you have already used.

Important: To apply your changes, press the "Save" button in the bottom-right corner.