Multiple companies
If you are admin for more than one company. When logging in you can click on the company name in the top 

in the popup you can choose which company you will be working with.

On the company page we show you some information regarding your company defaults, history settings and resources

Company defaults:

You can set the company default settings for creating new users.

Allow users to create shares:

This is a general setting controlling if users marked as Internal are allowed to create team shares. Admin users are always
allowed to create shares and can on the creation of shares decide if the share should be marked as Team or corporate share.
It can be set to Yes or No

Create private user share:
All users created as Internal or Admin will depending on this setting get a private share for “personal” use. 

The share can be limited in size (Max size user share) 

The naming of the share can be done based on the variables shown under Name of Private user share

History settings:

Your reseller set the minimum values for the history of the data.
You can change the settings here, you’re not allowed to set the value lower than the resellers’ minimum.


You can see how much storage and how many users you have in your package and the status of how much

you already have been used.

Users, shares, rights and groups can be managed from the company administration page.