With RushFiles, you are able to create Public Links to your files/folders that can be shared in and outside your company. 

How to create a public link for a file:

1. Open your File Explorer/Finder and locate the folder/file you want to create a Public Link for.

2. Right-click the file/folder in question.

3. Hover over the "RushFiles" option.

4. Click on "Create link in clipboard", or "Send link in Email".

If you clicked on "Create link in clipboard", then you have to paste your Public Link e.g.: in a chat window or a text file. (Ctrl + V on Windows ; Command + V on MacOS)

If you clicked on "Send link in email", then a prompt appears to select your email client (Outlook, Windows Mail, etc.).

After you've selected your client, you will find your Public Link already pasted into the message body of a new email.

Please note that you can only use these functions on files located on your RushFiles drive.

See how to find your RushFiles drive in our article about the desktop app.