We have received some reports that the RushFiles Android app may minimize at startup if the user is not logged in and the device language is set to Danish.

Issue Description:

The app automatically minimizes when trying to open it. The app is still shown in the background but not accessible. When trying to open it from the "currently open" view, it also instantly minimizes. This happens only if the user is not logged in to the app.

RushFiles Android Version:

  • v5.1.0

Device Language:

  • Danish

Error Message or Code:

  • No error messages or codes, but the app minimizes instantly and cannot launch from the list of minimized apps.


  • Uninstall the app
  • Change the device language to English
  • Install the app
  • Try to log in and use the app
  • Exit the app
  • Change the device language back to Danish
  • Start the app

If the above solution does not fix the problem, or if this issue reproduces with other device languages, please do not hesitate to raise a ticket via the RushFiles Support Helpdesk.

We truly appreciate your understanding and patience on this matter.

RushFiles Partner Support