We have identified an issue where the "Pending Overwrite" pop-up message persists. The issue is triggered when a .xls file receives a remote update (a file update by another user or client) while it is open in Microsoft Excel. While this pop-up persists, the client will not submit new file events to the server, which may lead to stuck uploads.

The issue is specific to .xls files opened in Microsoft Excel.

Troubleshooting steps:

  • Create a safety backup of your upload cache found at C:\RushFiles\useremail\Files if there are uploads that do not progress.
  • Exit the client. If there are pending operations, open Task Manager, find RushFiles (or CM.ClientPC.exe), select it, and click End Task.
  • Go to %localappdata%\RfUserData and delete data.db and SharesList.db
  • Start the RushFiles client and wait until shares are caught up.
  • Recover your pending files from the backup and upload them again if necessary.

To avoid the problem:

  • Consider updating your .xls files to the more recent .xlsx type
  • Consider using alternative programs to Microsoft Excel, such as Apache Open Office

Our development team is working on providing a fix for the issue, and rest assured that we'll keep you posted as soon as an update becomes available.

We truly appreciate your understanding and patience on this matter.

RushFiles Support Team.