This article contains the known issues of PC Client version 2.5.0 and possible workarounds.

Let us know about any other issues not listed here.


1. File may be overwritten with 0 KB copy (pdf)

2. Virtual drive loads slowly or file operations are slow

3. Downgrading to version 2.4.0

1. File may be overwritten with 0 KB copy (pdf)

0 KB file uploads are supported in version 2.5.0. It seems that occasionally, some files are overwritten with their initial 0 KB versions after the correct bytes have been uploaded. This seems to happen if the file is saved from a pdf editor and/or renamed during upload.

Workaround: If you see the file with the correct size locally, and can open it, then you can create a copy of it and delete the original file. Note that this will also remove the history versions of that file.

Another option is to log in to the web client and recover the previous version from the file's history.

2. Virtual drive loads slowly or file operations are slow

We have received reports that on some systems, the virtual drive loads slowly when opening it, randomly. For some users, file operations and opening files are slow.

We are investigating the cause of this problem. If you experience this issue, please let us know in a ticket where you also attach your system information.

Workaround: You can try to install the previous version of the application.

3. Downgrading to version 2.4.0


1. Disable Automatic Start in the currently installed client and exit it.

2. Create a backup of your local upload cache. The local upload cache is the "Files" folder in a hidden folder called "RushFiles" which can be on any drive on your computer. An example path:


3. Create a backup of your Skinning folder. This can be found at C:\ProgramData\RushFiles\Skinning

4. Download client version 2.4.0 from this link:

5. When the zip is downloaded, locate it in your downloads folder, right-click it, click on Properties, and unblock the file. Click on Apply and close the Properties menu.


1. Extract the contents of the zip to a directory on your PC. We will use C:\RushFiles240 as the installation directory in this example.

2. Go to C:\RushFiles240 and create an empty text file.

3. Rename the file to "" where .info is the extension of the file. This will ensure that it does not receive client updates.

4. Copy the contents of your backup Skinning folder that you took in Step 3 of Preparation, to C:\RushFiles240\FirstTime\Skinning

5. Find the Installer.exe file in C:\RushFiles240 and run it.

6. Run the client application with C:\RushFiles\240\CM.ClientPC.exe .

7. You can also create a shortcut to CM.ClientPC.exe


- We strongly recommend you to stay on version 2.5.0. Installing 2.4.0 should be a last resort.

- If you do decide to install it, please follow each step carefully, and do not proceed if you have not created a backup of your upload cache.

- Version 2.4.0 has an issue where file uploads interrupted by client or Windows shutdown are not restarted the next time the client starts. Therefore it is very important to wait until all files are uploaded before shutting your PC down.